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About Us

LB o J'zazz has been serving our customers since 2006, our team of artisans are well versed and want to share their passion for handicrafts with you. When the local market in Kuwait did not offer what we wanted, it was high time to create these offerings.

With a focus on quality, design and well made products, we have introduced such ranges as Miyuki, Preciosa, Swarovski, Soft Flex, Vintaj and more in the artisanal beading realm.  In addition to Decopatch, Fine Arts by Clairefontaine, Rhodia notebooks and pads, Stationery and Correspondence solutions with a focus on writing tools and instruments as well.

Having provided over 200 workshops through our Yadawi channel to engage and create experiences that allow and encourage you to get the best techniques on how to make with the products and techniques on offer.

We are a multinational team from Sri Lanka, Kuwait, New Zealand to name a few all with a passion for sharing and providing.